Simolantie 41, 73300 Nilsiä

Opening times:
During holiday seasons (see further information Ajankohtaista). We are also open by appointment for group visits.

Contact info:
Tel. +358 40 528 9319

Entrance fees:

There is no entrance fee to the coffee shop
Adults 3 €
Children under 12 years 1 €
We accept only cash


Nilsiä museum

Nilsiä museum welcomes You to an active local museum, situated in Heritage Centre Simola. The Museum is maintained by The Nilsiä Tradition and Culture Association and it preserves, studies and exhibits cultural heritage related to the area.

We have a large permanent exhibition with varied themes including traditional Finnish ethnographical artefacts & textiles, winter sports collection, pre-history, music and many more. We also put up a couple of short-term exhibitions each year.

Visitors are served by the museum café and shop, which are open during museum opening hours.

Guided museumtour, run mp3's here:
(Filesizes ~2,5-5 Mt)

1. Museum history
2. Church and death
3. Early history
4. Agricultural artifacts and tradition
5. Brushfactory
6. Toivo Kärki
7. Corridor exhibition and Arabia
8. Music
9. War
10. School
11. Wintersports
12. Geology
13. Pharmacy
14. Handcraft

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